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The Dry Method LECA Production Process


The crude material for LECA creation is for the most part sedimentary mud materials, less oftentimes – changeable rocks (argillite, earth slate and other stone-like materials).

Their piece is intricate and they incorporate both dirt minerals (hydrous micas, kaolinite, and so forth.) and field fight, quartz, carbonates, natural and iron admixtures.

So what is the crude material for creation of this development material? Dirts containing close to 30% of quartz are the best material for creation of LECA.

Exceptional exploration is led to figure out whether a specific material is appropriate for generation. The primary necessities for the crude materials:

1. capacity to swell up amid preparing;

2. high fusibility;

3. a particular swelling-up interim.

Some of the time exceptional added substances are acquainted into crude materials with expansion the swelling-up coefficient. Natural (diesel fuel, fuel oil deposit, and so on.), ferruginous substances, topographical materials (perlite, alunite) or counterfeit substances can be utilized as added substances.

The result of the crude material preparing is crude granules of a particular size and arrangement. Such granules are subjected to warmth treatment: they are dried, prepared and cooled. At the net stage the created material is sorted as far as thickness, and is chipped into littler particles. In the wake of sorting LECA is prepared for capacity or shipment to the point of utilization.

The fundamental LECA generation stages:

• conveyance of the crude material;

• dirt drying;

• crude material cooling;

• cooling of granules;

• fractionation;

• transportation and capacity.

Techniques for LECA granule generation

There are four fundamental LECA generation techniques which are diverse as far as their innovation:

1. dry;

2. wet;

3. powder and plastic;

4. plastic.

The decision of a specific technique relies on upon the crude material quality.

Dry LECA creation strategy

This is the least complex strategy. It is utilized for stone-like crude material. To start with it is chipped and after that dashed into the rotating heater. Such a strategy is most proficient if the stone is uniform, without unsafe incorporations. It is described by unassuming expenses and low power utilization.

The procedure stream outline of a regular LECA rock creation shop with the limit of 100 thous. m3 every year comprises of three rooms:

• preliminary framing room;

• heater room;

• completed item stockpiling zone

The procedure comprises of the accompanying stages:

• bolstering, planning and shaping of the crude material;

• mud drying;

• mud heating;

• LECA cooling;

• bolstering of the completed item to the capacity range.

LECA granule cooling

In the wake of heating LECA ought to be cooled. The cooling starts back in the revolving heater because of the approaching air. At that point it proceeds on airslide transports and in drum coolers, and so forth.

The material quality relies on upon the granule cooling rate. In the event that cooling was too quick, granules may break. In the event of moderate cooling the material quality may diminish as an aftereffect of softening and folding of granules.

That is the reason LECA is cooled to 800 to 900 degrees promptly in the wake of swelling up. At that point it is cooled to 600 to 700 degrees for 20 minutes.

This is required so that the solidifying continues without huge warm push and that precious stone minerals structure, which expand the quality properties of the material. Ffurther cooling might be performed moderately rapidly.

LECA fractionation and transportation

Fractionation is performed utilizing drum screens of a round and hollow or multifaceted shape.

LECA is transported inside the plant utilizing packed air or a belt transport. The transport strategy is more well known as transportation through funnels utilizing wind current results as a part of harm of the sheath and smashing of granules.

The completed material is put away in storehouse or canister sort stockpiling. Before capacity LECA is for starters bundled into exceptional dampness verification sacks of changing volume.

LECA generation hardware

The LECA generation line comprises of:

• tearing gadgets;

• punctured rollers;

• earth blender;

• drying drums;

• preparing heater;

• canisters;

• air-slide transports;

• belt-or different sorts of transports;

• plate;

• rock sorters, and so on.

A spacial crusher is utilized for essential handling of the crude material. It comprises of a chipping unit which includes such parts as

1. bladed counterrotating shafts;

2. unbending edge;

3. gear drive;

4. accepting container.

At the point when the poles begin to pivot, the crude material is chipped to the vital size. A blender is utilized for the consideration of important added substances.

The Best Way To Start A Negotiation


When I’m working with moderators who need to wind up better, one of the inquiries that I’m given the regularly is not about various arrangement styles or arranging procedures, rather it is “what is the most ideal approach to begin a transaction”. The response to this inquiry is “any way that will wind up getting you the arrangement that you need”. Be that as it may, maybe we should be a smidgen more particular about the things that you should do so as to begin your next arrangement effectively.

About The Questions

When you are beginning an arrangement, what amount do you think about what will be arranged? I’m willing to wager that in any event you feel that you know a decent measure. You’ve gotten your work done, you have your notes, and you believe that you have a quite decent comprehension of what the other side needs out of this arrangement. This is the reason what I’m going to request that you do now is so, extremely hard to do.

You need to make inquiries. Heaps of inquiries. You need to make inquiries about things that you feel that you definitely know the response to. At the point when the other side answers your inquiries, you have to listen to what they are letting you know deliberately. Show both compassion and understanding as they clarify how they as of now see the world.

Record It

At the point when the opposite side of the table furnishes you with data, you have to instantly record it. Yes, I understand that occasionally what the other side may say will be freakish or unfeasible, however that does not make a difference – record it. By recording what they are letting you know, you are indicating them regard. You might be the main individual who has done this. By doing this you are going to make them need to be involved with you since you unmistakably regard their perspective.

Get some information about What You’ve Written

This may be the most essential thing that you do. Occasionally amid the transactions, you have to delay what you are doing. Take one minute and read back to the next side what you have recently recorded. What you are going to find as a rule is that the other side is going to let you know that you misunderstood something. When they say this, roll out an improvement to your notes and demonstrate to them that you will have an accord on what has translated.

What All Of This Means For You

Ask any expert moderator and they’ll let you know that how you begin a principled transaction has a great deal to do with how it will wind up. What this implies for you and I is that it may be the ideal opportunity for us to step once more from the arranging table and investigate precisely how we are starting our transactions.

The main thing that we have to remember is that despite the fact that we may enter a transaction suspecting that we know a considerable measure about the other side, we truly don’t. What we should will to do is to lower ourselves and solicit the other side a considerable measure from inquiries. This incorporates making inquiries about things that we feel that we definitely know the response to. We could conceivably be amazed what we realize. Next, we have to take an ideal opportunity to record everything. This shows regard for what the other side is letting us know. At long last, now and again we have to stop and get some information about something that they have let us know. This will permit them to adjust anything that we’ve gotten wrong and show them regard.

Everything that we’ve examined are basic and simple to do. They will demonstrate the opposite side of the table that we are focused on the transactions and that we need to achieve a concurrence with them. Finding a way to begin the transactions off on the right foot will permit us to have a superior shot of ensuring that they wind up making the arrangement that we need to get.

Why You Should Use Handwritten Envelopes and How to Use It


Despite the fact that the Internet has changed the substance of advertising, standard mail showcasing can at present help you achieve imminent customers and produce deals.

Most regular postal mail advertisers ‘use printed names on envelopes; the outcome is that they never get opened and end their adventure in the rubbish canister. The answer for this issue is sending envelopes with manually written locations.

Why Handwritten Envelopes?

A study report distributed in Simon Ruda presentation demonstrated that manually written envelopes lead to 35.4% reaction when contrasted with 32.5% reaction from members who got general envelopes with printed marks. Printed mail looks more like an advertising contrivance and regularly gets overlooked at their first case.

Unexpectedly, hand-tended to envelopes sparkle interest since they look unique in relation to a customary mail and the beneficiary for the most part needs to comprehend what’s inside.

Tips to Use Handwritten Envelopes

There is a doubtlessly a hand-tended to envelope can show signs of improvement reaction, however there are a few different components that additionally add to its prosperity. Here are a few tips to make your regular postal mail advertising effort more effective.

Focused on Mailing list

It is a standout amongst the most imperative components that ought not be ignored. You have to guarantee the general population, who you are sending the hand tended to envelopes to, are the individuals who will be occupied with your offer, and who are prone to profit by the items and administrations you are putting forth.

Utilize Live Stamps

A live stamp adds an individual touch to your mailing piece. It is more persuading and viable than metered stamps. Henceforth, it is dependably a smart thought to match live stamps with written by hand envelopes to increase better reaction rates.

Concentrate on the Type of Envelope

The kind of envelope you decide for post office based mail advertising is additionally essential. We know individuals don’t discard the envelope without first observing it; expecting that the beneficiary is keen on what you are putting forth (the focused on mailing list deals with that).

You can utilize a corporate envelope that has your business logo. Likewise, you can utilize tell-all envelopes that have a photograph or portrayal of the item and the offer.

Keep it basic

Keep your message basic and simple to peruse. Try not to mess the envelope with design. Continuously utilize the right greeting as it shows regard. On the off chance that you are sending the offer to a couple, notice singular names on various lines.

By utilizing the straightforward tips given above, you can make a standard mail crusade that energizes forthcoming clients and connects with them. As you test and refine your showcasing mail, you can change over a high rate of prospects into purchasers.

How to Assess the Impact of a Decision


Conquering the basic leadership situation is a three-stage process:

Characterize the time span – Setting a reasonable course of events and driving yourself to make a move inside those set limits will keep you from further hesitation.

Assemble data – If you feel that you are not learned on the point, accumulate extra data from a specialist or another colleague. This will permit you to comprehend the points of interest of the circumstance and feel more positive about settling on a choice. Make sure that you have recognized the certainties and sentiments however, when you prepare the new data.

Evaluate the effect – Identifying the conceivable results and their effect will help you settle on the right choice.

So how would you survey the effect?

While you might be slanted to depend on past situations to give you a marginally better handle on what’s in store or what move to make, remember that no two circumstances are the same. Since the circumstances and subtleties of every case are distinctive, don’t give a past choice a chance to be the format for the greater part of your future activities. Rather, let it serve as a learning instrument and take new, distinctive choices as you see fit.

While there is no obvious technique, here are a few stages that may help you contract down your decisions:

In the first place, make a rundown of every single conceivable result.

Rank every one of the situations, from the best to the most exceedingly bad.

Make sense of what activities will bring about which results

For each of these results, consider the various variables that are in play. Is there anything specifically that you can do that will diminish the probability of the terrible or expansion the great?

Additionally, bear in mind to consider individuals’ feelings. On the off chance that this choice will affect your representatives also, take an ideal opportunity to see the circumstances from their point of view. You would prefer not to make a move that despite the fact that will advantage you, will seclude your workers. Measure these upsides and downsides in your rundown of conceivable results.

As you take after these strides, you ought to have the capacity to dispense with more choices and begin to feel more great settling on a choice.

The Importance of Phone Interviews


Telephone meetings are frequently the initial step of the meeting and procuring process. You’re not prone to get a call to come in and meeting without some sort of discussion on the telephone first.

How Important Phone Interviews Really Are

Your resume got you the telephone call. Presently this one 10-minute discussion is the main variable with respect to regardless of whether you’ll get the meeting. That is the means by which imperative it is.

This is the gating procedure organizations use to whittle down their rundown of competitors. You won’t get another opportunity here. This is the make-it-or-break it minute that figures out if or not you can be in the running for the occupation.

Why Companies Do Phone Interviews

You know how solid the opposition is. You know what number of individuals are applying for your occupation. Organizations and enlisting chiefs don’t have room schedule-wise to meeting every one of them. So they run you through this minimal conversational test to check whether you personally merit spending a hour on in a customary meeting. Along these lines, they can meet with more individuals in less time.

Time is the most profitable thing that procuring directors have. That is the reason they do phone interviews. Time is cash. In the event that they’re conversing with you, they’re not delivering. In the event that they can be more productive with that time, they’re going to do it.

They receive some additional rewards in return, as well. First and foremost, there’s less responsibility included. In a meeting, they don’t feel terrible in the event that they choose to stop the call since they’ve ruled against you in the initial couple of minutes. It’s a great deal less demanding for them to give you a thumbs down and proceed onward on the off chance that they’re not taking a gander at you and haven’t become acquainted with you.

Why People Succeed or Fail in Phone Interviews

Work seekers fall flat in the telephone meeting for two noteworthy reasons: they don’t consider it sufficiently important, and they don’t check the extraordinary difficulties a telephone meeting postures for them.

Telephone interviews, much the same as different meetings, are truly about correspondence. Here’s the issue: most by far of correspondence between individuals is visual, not the real words they say. Consider non-verbal communication, outward appearances, signals, every one of the things that influence how your words are going over. Those visual signs truly do give you leeway. On the telephone, those signals are no more.

On the off chance that you consider the meeting as important as an eye to eye meeting, and you figure out how to function with the one of a kind circumstances of a meeting, you can succeed.